Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is a hidden gem on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. It is a pretty well-kept secret that offers a calm, tranquil resort feel.

If you’re into surfing, Cala Mesquida is one of the only places you’ll want to be when visiting Mallorca.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of a beach getaway filled with crystal blue water, white sand, and cliffs with views of the entire Mallorcan coastline. Cala Mesquida is the perfect place!

But don’t take our word for it. Continue reading to find out why this is a must-see area.

What is Cala Mesquida Like?

Cala Mesquida is home to some of the most scenic views in Mallorca. It is located in the northeast of the island with a beautiful beach and laid-back feel.

The pine trees and sand dunes make this area popular among those that want to experience more of the picturesque and quiet side of the island.

The fine white sand of the beach and the beautiful surrounding pine trees make this location a prime spot for beach holidays.

History & Culture of Cala Mesquida

In 1991 the Balearic government designated Cala Mesquida, Mallorca, a special interest area.

This means its historical value and natural beauty were considered a conservation interest. So, this part of the island is relatively untouched.

Cala Mesquida has a relaxed, welcoming, and laid-back resort feel. Visitors often make a point of going here to unwind on the beach and get away from densely populated areas like Palma and Magaluf.

Beaches in Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida beach is the most popular attraction in the area. It is situated in a big bay with rocks on either side.

This is one of the best beaches in Mallorca. It is around 350 long and 130 meters deep, with fine golden sand that is soft and fun to play in.

The water is clear and blue, with an easy slope to get in and out when you go in for a swim. But what makes this beach different from most in Mallorca is its waves.

While Cala Mesquida beach is in a bay, it doesn’t mean the ocean is protected from the waves.

This makes surfing and windsurfing popular activities at the beach. Lovers of the fun ocean sports flock to this particular stretch of sand to catch some surf.

Plus, the surrounding pine forests give this area the authentic island experience.

Cala Mesquida Majorca beach offers sun loungers and umbrella rentals. There are even double sun loungers available to give you the space to relax.

However, the beach doesn’t have bathroom or shower facilities. Something to keep in mind before heading to this stunning sandy bay from your hotel.

If you want to take some refreshments along, there is a supermarket in the town centre with everything you need to enjoy your beach day.

A lifeguard is on duty at Cala Mesquida beach to keep swimmers and surfers safe throughout the summer.

Free parking is available at the beach, but it gets full pretty quickly, so get there early.

The beach is family-friendly but be sure to look at the lifeguard flags. If the sea is rough, it might not be a good fit for little ones.

Things to Do in Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is a small area with few land-based activities on offer. However, the ocean is where all the excitement is.

  • Diving tours: There are diving trips available on the beach. The clear blue water is the perfect place to meet some of the local sea life in a safe and adventurous environment.
  • Snorkelling: We recommend taking along your goggles and snorkel. The bay is generally calm during the summer when high winds and surf are less likely. You can also look at the rocky areas on either side of the beach.
  • Paddle boats: There are paddle boat rentals available from the beach. This is a fun, family-friendly activity for the whole family on a hot day with calm waters.
  • Sand dunes: Further back on the beach, there are sand dunes formed by the high winds.
  • Visit the old watchtower: On a 270m hill just east of the beach, there is an old 16th-century watchtower built to hold off pirates. While the tower hasn’t been maintained, it is still a beautiful sight.
  • Hiking: Cami dels Carabiners, a coastal trail that passes through the bay when you walk in the nature reserve. You’ll get stunning views and a look at Mallorcan Island’s plants and small animals.

Hotels in Cala Mesquida

Since Cala Mesquida is relatively small, there is limited accommodation. But that doesn’t take away from the hotel accommodations in the area.

Some hotels, resorts and self-catering accommodation options are fantastic. The offer stunning ocean views, pools, spas, and proximity to the beach.

You might even have your pick of restaurants in your hotel. But the best part is the proximity to the beach. Most of the accommodations are located a few steps from the sandy beach.

Here are some hotels to look into:

  • Villa CAMOMILA.
  • Zafiro Cala Mesquida.
  • Casa Lisboa.
  • VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa.

Restaurants in Cala Mesquida

One large restaurant and snack bar is located at the beach of Cala Mesquida. It has everyday food like burgers, fries, tortillas, snacks and some Spanish classics.

It has a chilled beach vibe, so there is no need to dress up. You can roll off the beach and into the restaurant.

There are also some other restaurants for dining in Cala Mesquida, including:

  • Restaurante La Terraza.
  • La Guitarra Mexican Restaurant.
  • Mirablau Beach Bar & Restaurant.
  • MIZU Asia Fusion Restaurant.

Nightlife in Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is not the place to go if you’re looking for an all-night party. It is a quiet location with a calm beach.

However, there are a few restaurants and bars in the area. Including Bar Willies, the place to go if you want a few drinks, a delicious cocktail, and snacks after your fun day in the sun at Cala Mesquida beach.

Shopping in Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida has some wonderful souvenir shops in the town centre, the perfect place to pick up some gifts to take back home.

How to get to Cala Mesquida

There are a few ways to travel to Cala Mesquida from Palma. The journey will take just over an hour if you have a hire car.

A train is also available that takes you from Palma to Mallorca, and then you hop on a bus from Mallorca to Capdepera.

From Capdepera, it’s just a short ten-minute taxi ride until you reach your final Cala Mesquida beach.

The entire journey is about 3.5 hours, including layovers and stops.

Busses have changing schedules throughout the year with less frequency during the winter, so check the schedule.

Here are some distances to other popular areas in Mallorca:

  • Palma: 86km.
  • Magaluf: 101km.
  • Puerto Portals: 95.5km.
  • Port de Pollensa: 56.2km.
  • Alcudia: 45.9km.

Surrounding areas of Cala Mesquida

Cal Mesquida is nestled among some of Mallorca’s most beautiful beach areas. Let’s have a look:

Capdepera is 7km from Cala Mesquida and is home to Castell de Capdepera. A giant castle perched on a cliff and surrounded by fantastic views of the coast of Mallorca.

Cala Ratjada is 7.6km away and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. It is a bigger town with many bars and restaurants, so we recommend at least a day’s visit while staying in Cala Mesquida.

Artà is a small town located around 12.6km from Cala Mesquida. It boasts an array of tourist adventures, including natural caves and Santuari de Sant Salvador castle.

If you want to try an array of food, then finding restaurants in nearby areas is easy. There are multiple towns about 15 minutes away by car or taxi.

Additionally, if the resort options in Cala Mesquida aren’t your cup of tea, there are options in the surrounding areas.

Cala Mesquida Beach Map