Cala Torta

Cala Torta is a remote, beautiful sandy beach that also hosts nudists from time to time. Located in the Llevant Peninsula National Park, the area is highly protected for ecological reasons.

Cala Torta is 10km from the closest town and has no facilities. Bringing your own snacks, umbrella, water, and anything else is essential. However, it is an excellent stop to visit as it is quiet and has beautiful waters for swimming and rocks for snorkelling.

Keep reading to find out what more this pristine beach has to offer!

Key Facts

  • Beach length: 100m
  • Beach depth: 135m
  • Beach type: Sandy
  • Showers: No
  • Sunbeds to rent: No
  • Lifeguard: Yes
  • Refreshments: Yes
  • Toilets: No

What is Cala Torta Like?

Cala Torta is an extensive beach covered in fine light sand and surrounded by island wilderness. It has beautiful warm, clear waters in various shades of turquoise.

You can snorkel at the beautiful sandy beach, especially along the rocks on the left-hand side. You can explore the surroundings with the proper permits. Be sure to treat the area with care to preserve the ecological beauty of Llevant Peninsula Natural Park.


This Mallorcan beach is 105 m long and over 130 m wide. Two small rocky headlands are great for scuba diving and snorkelling. There can be some seaweed washed up on Cala Torta after stormy weather, and the swell is usually mild but can increase to moderate.

The beach is restricted on the rare occasion of strong swells, as it is too dangerous for swimmers and divers. This is due to the steep descent of the beach, which can cause hazardous currents. It is also important to note that the beach is unsuitable for those with accessibility issues.

Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

There is a small beach bar or cafe, but it seems to be open unreliably. However, they are well known for their delicious seafood meals, so be sure to pop in if available. You can also buy sandwiches and drinks here.

Unfortunately, no public water, bathrooms, or other options are available nearby, so make sure to bring all you need.

Lifeguard & Watersports

There is often a lifeguard watching Cala Torta during the summer. There are also warning when the sea is too rough, and swimming and snorkelling have been restricted temporarily.

Cala Torta is one of the few wild beaches remaining in Mallorca. There are some restrictions due to the ecological fragility of the area compared to other natural beaches. No watersports are permitted other than swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving at Cala Torta.

Is Cala Torta Family-friendly?

Cala Torta beach is a great spot to bring the family. The trip to the beach is along a bumpy road, but nothing serious. Enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkelling, exploring nature and playing beach games with the kids.

When the North wind blows, the seas can get rough. Parents should avoid Cala Torta, Cala Ratjada and Cala Mesquida beach during these seasons.

Where to Park at Cala Torta

Parking is minimal when coming from the Arta. If you prefer, you can follow a hiking trail to the beach from the east or rent a boat.

Other Nearby Beaches

Here are a few beaches nearby:

  • Cala Estreta
  • Cala Mesquida
  • Cala Mitjana o sa Duaia
  • Platja de Ses Cavasses
  • Cala Mata
  • Caló d’es Carregador

Nearby Hotels & Resorts

There are several resorts in a close (approx. 20km radius) along the northeast coast, listed below. The closest main town is Arta, which is approx 14km away.

  • Viva Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa
  • Finca Can Sito
  • Cases de Son Barbassa Hotel & Restaurant
  • Es Racó d’Artà
  • Iberostar Pinos Park
  • Can Pere Rei


How many trails are in Llevant Natural Park?

Llevant Park has six trails, including some that pass the famous Cala Torta beach.

Where is Cala Torta?

Cala Torta is a beautiful and remote beach in the Llevant National Park. This park is situated in northeastern Mallorca and is most well known for the Casa Torta beach.

Cala Torta Beach Map