Cala Varques Beach

Planning a trip to the island of Mallorca? Looking for a tranquil, dreamy, and drool-worthy beach experience on an unspoilt natural cove surrounded by large pine forests? Then the beautiful cove of Cala Varques (also known as Cala Barques) is just the tonic.

One of the most beautiful and quietest beaches on the East Coast of Mallorca, Cala Varques is simply breathtaking with its wonderful deep turquoise colour water which contrasts handsomely against the stunning white surf, golden sands, and reddish-toned rocks.

This quiet and unspoilt beach is artistically framed by two low, rocky headlands with the surrounding cliffs bedecked with Mediterranean scrub and pines.

Key Facts

  • Beach length: 90 metres
  • Beach depth: 60 metres deep
  • Beach type: Sandy
  • Showers: No
  • Sunbeds to rent: No
  • Lifeguard: Yes
  • Refreshments: No
  • Toilets: No
  • Watersports: No

What is Cala Varques Like?

This picturesque rocky bay, covered in fine light sand, is a bit of an insider secret. Adding to the allure is the assortment of grottoes which offer memorable exploration opportunities on the rocky cliffs of this wild beach.

To the northeast, the rugged coast with its crystal clear turquoise waters rises majestically to steep rocky slope and cliffs that resemble an ancient amphitheatre. There is a real sense of stunning wildness here with no development on the rocky coves of Cala Varques.

Activities are limited to sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. Free-climbers, however, flock to Cala Varques in the peak season for “deep water soloing” – a type of climbing in which they scale overhanging rocks without many of the usual safety measures.


Cala Varques is situated some two kilometres south of S’Estany d’en Mas and four kilometres from Cales de Mallorca on the east coast of Mallorca. A boat trip is the most convenient way to get to Cala Varques given its remote location. This quiet, unspoilt beach is accessible by car too.

Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

This 100% natural cove has no tourist services; you won’t find vendors selling drinks here. There are no bars and restaurants, no sun loungers, and no toilets. We recommend you bring your own food and drinks on a day out at Cala Varques.

Lifeguard & Watersports

There are lifeguard services but only during the peak summer months. There are no water sports on offer, but the stunning deep turquoise colour water makes Cala Varques perfect for snorkelling. If you’re the more adventurous type, there are diving opportunities from the low cliffs.

Is Cala Varques Family-Friendly?

Absolutely! The calm and shallow waters of this beach make it super safe for children to splash or snorkel without risk. Note, Cala Varques is not wheelchair accessible.

Where to Park at Cala Varques Beach

Accessing Cala Varques beach by road starts on the MA-4014 which connects Porto Cristo with Porto Colom. Then onto a 1.5 km stretch of gravel road. At the end of the road, there’s a small free car park and then a 20-minute walk to Cala Varques.

Other Nearby Beaches

Mallorca is renowned for its amazing beaches and stunningly beautiful natural landscapes complemented perfectly by a Mediterranean climate.

To the south of Cala Varques is Calas de Mallorca which offers three small sandy beaches and spectacular sea views. To the north, and only about 4 km from Cala Varques, lies the intimate Cala Romántica, a scenic stretch of coast enclosed by white cliffs on both sides.

The nearest town to Cala Varques is Porto Cristo, also to the north, a quaint little fishing village which boasts a blue-flag sandy beach. From Cala Varques, you can also take in the famous natural rock arch bridge, a spectacular natural attraction that’s worth checking out.

Nearby Hotels & Resorts

There is plenty of accommodation nearby in Cales de Mallorca and Porto Cristo.

Insotel Cala Mandía Resort & Spa is about 8 km from Cala Varques, with the Safari Zoo and Regional Museum of Arta nearby attractions.

To the south, also some 8 km from Cala Varques, is the HSM Canarios Park which features 4 outdoor pools and a tennis court. HSM Canarios is a UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge signatory.

HYB Eurocalas has been described as the perfect starting point for discovering remarkable coves like Cala Varques. This 4-star establishment offers outdoor pools, sports facilities, and a beach shuttle service.

Cala Varques Beach Map