Calo des Pou

Calo des Pou can be found in the southwestern part of the Balearic islands. This tropical hideaway is quiet, peaceful, and a piece of paradise. Lounge under palm trees, drink cocktails and catch some sun. What could be better?

This beach is a must-see when visiting Cala d’Or. The sea is warm and beautiful, the sand is soft, and it is located in a gorgeous cove with enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Keep reading to find out why this beach should be at the top of your list!

Key Facts

  • Beach length: 30 m
  • Beach depth: 100 m
  • Beach type: Sandy beach
  • Showers: Yes
  • Sunbeds to rent: Yes
  • Lifeguard: No
  • Refreshments: Yes, there is a small beach bar
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Watersports: No

What is Calo des Pou Like?

This beautiful sandy beach has bright fine-grained sand with clear turquoise waters. The back of the beach has some palm trees that provide beachgoers with some natural shade, and it is a fairly quiet beach.

There are some lovely sunshades and sun loungers to rent to make your experience more comfortable. It also stays fairly quiet during the summer months with not too many people.


Calo des Pou beach is a few kilometres away from Cala d’Or, and it is protected as it is in a small bay. The location is great as there are loads of resorts and restaurants surrounding it, and it is within walking distance from most places.

Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

Other than the little beach bar on Caló des Pou, there are a number of restaurants in the area. Such as the Western Steakhouse, Molly’s Irish bistro and pub, Restaurante Tentol, and more. You can grab a quick bite and enjoy some drinks.

Lifeguard & Watersports

There are no watersports on this beach, but the visibility is amazing, making it the best spot to go snorkelling.

Is Calo des Pou Family-friendly?

Calo des Pou is a fairly child-friendly beach as it is shallow and very calm water. However, it is best to keep an eye on the little ones when they are swimming. This beach is very quiet and relaxing, though, so noisy little ones may not be too happy there.

Where to Park at Calo des Pou

There is a parking area close to this lovely beach, but it can fill up quickly during peak season. There is also some parking available on the nearby streets.

Other Nearby Beaches

Some other beaches include Cala Gran, Cala Santanyi, and Cala Llombards beach.

Nearby Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Cala d’Or, Hotel Rocamarina, and Hotel Club Es Talaial are great places to stay near the beach.

Calo dec Pou Beach Map