Playa d’es Carbó

Playa d’es Carbó, or just Es Carbo as most know it, is a tranquil beach hidden on the beautiful island of Majorca. It has a natural beauty that makes it an unmissable place to visit during your vacation. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to enjoy the scenery with a book, Es Carbo is the place to be.

Key Facts

  • Beach length: 1.4km
  • Beach depth: 20m
  • Beach type: Sandy
  • Showers: No
  • Sunbeds to rent: No
  • Lifeguard: No
  • Refreshments: No
  • Toilets: No
  • Watersports: No

What is Platja d’es Carbó Like?

Es Carbo is a scenic coastline of soft white sand with really clear blue shallow waters. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes, low-lying desert bushes, and pin trees. It has very little surroundings, hence the peace and quiet.

This white sand beach is over 1km long, but there is hardly any action or activities. There are no lounge chairs, umbrellas, water activities, or restaurants nearby. However, the beach is loved by many local residents and German and Spanish tourists.

Since there are hardly any activities, the beach attracts a younger-middle age crowd, with families and others who love the beach and hiking. While walking along the Es Carbo beach, you would see seaweed called Posidonia meadow. They bring a certain atmosphere to the beach and are harmless, so you can investigate them!


This paradise does not come easy, as you would have to take a long journey; however, getting to the Es Carbo beach is an experience on its own. You would see other beaches and swimming sports, so you can take a look at each one before arriving at your destination.

You can only get to the Es Carbó beach by boat or foot. From Colonia de Sant Jordi on foot, you must walk about 2.3 kilometres for half an hour. You would walk along low-lying cliffs and sand to get to the beach. If you go from the Ses Salines beach, it would be a 6km walk. You can hook up your boat at this beach.

Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

There are many restaurants and bars about 1km to 2km from Es Carbo beach. However, there are not many showers, and toilet facilities close by. The restaurants and bars are located in the Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Is Es Carbó Family-friendly?

Yes, definitely. Your family can swim, snorkel or read and relax at Es Carbó. There are also many paths to explore or walk on, whether you choose the route from the Colonia de Sant Jordi or the Ses Salines. You can also walk over the white sand dunes and collect pine cones from the surrounding pine trees.

Lifeguard & Water Sports

Unfortunately, the beach is not accessible for wheelchairs as the paths are not paved. No lifeguards are on duty, and emergency accesses are quite far from the beach. You should be cautious when visiting the beautiful Es Carbó beach.

There are no water sports; however, the shallow crystal clear waters at Es Carbó make it easy for you and your family to enjoy a little swimming, diving, or just dipping your toes.

Where to Park at Es Carbo?

The beach is not paved, so there will not be any nearby parking. You can get parking at the Colonia Sant Jordi resort town, which is about 2km away from the beach. It takes a long, leisurely walk to get to the destination!

Nearby Beaches, Hotels, and Resorts

Colonia de Sant Jordi is a popular and well-known resort town located in the southern part of Mallorca. It has a vast stretch around a large bay and has a boardwalk with restaurants, activities, and shops.

This town has many hotels and apartments, with luxury holiday villa rentals. The closest beach is the Es Dolc.

You can explore the island’s southern area by setting up camp at the villas. You can also go to Ses Salines, which is further than St Jordi. There is a lovely village with lots of restaurants to try, a playground for the kids, and boutiques.

Playa d’es Carbó Beach Map