Situated in the south-west of Mallorca lies the infamous Magaluf.

With lots of KFC, Nandos, McDonald’s, and plenty of places to smash a pint or G’n’T, Magaluf has always felt like a home away from home for many Brits. Perhaps just with a bit more stable weather and a beach right at your front door.

But you’d be surprised that there is much more to Magaluf than just the Magaluf strip or the legendary BCM planet dance and other beach clubs these days. Yes, you can still dance the night away in Magaluf, but not just that! In fact, Magaluf has stripped off its party outfit and is on its way to becoming the next high-quality holiday resort on the island.

Read on to find out what you have been missing out on if you have only been to Magaluf for the parties thus far.

What is Magaluf Like?

Magaluf is best known for its lush and lavish parties and nightlife. However, the city has much more to offer than just wild parties, live music, and nightclubs!

Thanks to lots of investments and development plans in recent years, Magaluf is now catering to a broader range of visitors. Drink promotions are a little less likely, and family-friendly entertainment has taken over.

If you don’t need to sleep in, then a world of fun awaits you in Magaluf.

Magaluf boasts beautiful beaches, great shopping opportunities, and lots of other attractions, such as theme parks, as well as great culinary experiences.

With beautiful beaches such as Palma Nova being just a short walk away, Magaluf has become an all-around holiday resort that is worth a visit for not just night people.

History & Culture of Magaluf

Magaluf is best known as the party capital of Mallorca. Therefore, it does not offer such a rich history as some of the other towns in Mallorca.

The British party scene was also basically the sole purpose Magaluf was built for in the 1960s – as a home for British package holiday goers.

It has since then made itself a name for being the host of some of the wildest parties in Mallorca, if not the whole of Europe. Unfortunately, this hasn’t come without some bad publicity surrounding partygoers who had a bit too much fun.

With lots of visitors losing their inhibitions completely, Magaluf had earned a bit of a tainted image in recent years.

This has not gone unheard. Some serious counter-action followed, coming from private companies, owners, and local communities. In recent years, Magaluf has been receiving lots of investment for new developments and more family-friendly hotels.

Magaluf is starting to become a top-notch holiday resort and destination. It now offers something a bit more classy and relaxed than just tipsy tourists.

These days, Magaluf is actually well-policed, and families get to enjoy plenty of attractions such as crazy golf or water parks.

Beaches in Magaluf

Magaluf beach is a long strip of white sand leading to calm waters that welcome you in for a quick dip between pints. You will be able to rent water sports facilities at Magaluf beach; there are showers and other amenities, as well as plenty of restaurants.

A fun way to spend some pastime here is to rent out one of the many glass bottom boats, and go snorkelling, jet skiing or kite surfing.

If you want to have a bit more fun on the water, join one of the many boat parties.

A more family-friendly and also more scenic beach is Palma Nova beach, a neighbouring resort a bit further to the south-west. Palma Nova is also less crowded during the summer months.

Things to Do in Magaluf

The obvious thing to enjoy in Magaluf is the numerous beach clubs. These either cater for hardline partygoers or are more suited for a fancy cocktail vibe and a bite to eat while listening to lounge music.

Apart from clubs and what many would describe as the typical “sea, sand and sangria” type of holiday, there is plenty of other things to enjoy in Magaluf. For instance, water parks and -sports, theme parks and live entertainment.

Magaluf even caters for families with lots of themed water parks. For example, you can take your children to enjoy one of the many popular Pirates shows.

If you are more of the sporty type, there is a wave house where you can try your luck on a board. If you prefer to stay dry, book a go-karting session or a few hours on the links of the T-gold and country club.

The latest addition to Magaluf is the Momentum Plaza mall. It offers lots of international and local brands. On top of that, several small restaurants and cafés to refresh and refill during your extensive shopping spree.

A lot of visitors also enjoy renting a car or taking the bus to the surrounding resorts near Magaluf.

Hotels in Magaluf

You will have several holiday resorts to choose from, thanks to the wide range of beachfront hotels in the area. Most of these are themed for the clubbing scene and offer stylish beach clubs and lavish pool parties.

You can also find lots of budget-friendly hotels and alternative accommodations to rent. In case you wish to self-cater and pay a bit less money and rather save that for the nightlife.

If you wish to stay away from the party scene, the four-star luxury hotel Melia South Beach Hotel Magaluf will offer you just that. But you can still pop over to the infamous Nikki Beach Club whenever you want!

Restaurants in Magaluf

There is a reason why the Brits feel so at home here. A lot of the restaurants in Magaluf serve British staple food, for instance, Fish n Chips or fast food such as KFC, McDonald’s or Nandos.

But don’t panic; if you are a foodie, you will not have to binge on bland fast food or go hungry in Magaluf either. Nikki Beach offers a very sophisticated menu to choose from, whether that is seafood, sushi or even chateaubriand.

And you can also find authentic Spanish cuisine in town if you wander off into the side alleys and go explore off the beaten path on the Magaluf strip.

Nightlife in Magaluf

Nightlife is synonymous with Magaluf; no one can disagree with that. The best way to describe the nightlife you will get to witness there is “exotic”, “vibrant”, and perhaps a bit “raucous”.

For the younger folks or those who still wish they were, BCM planet dance is probably the most popular club in Magaluf. It certainly is one of the most famous clubs in Europe.

But the clubs and bars are not the only places where it’s at these days. Many of the newer hotels, such as the BH Mallorca, have started to invite world-famous DJs to throw lavish and luxurious parties.

Some of these parties even happen in waterparks! For instance, the Sol Wave House, where you get to jump around artificial waves while some of the best DJs provide the tunes.

For a more relaxed and sophisticated vibe, you can visit Nikki Beach Club or Zhero Boathouse Beach Club. Some of the more exclusive beach clubs, such as Folies, offer Asian fusion cuisine, VIP areas and Balinese beds to lounge on.

Events in Magaluf

If you want, every day (or should we say night?) in Magaluf can be an event!

During the warmer summer months, the biggest and wildest nights are happening at hotels such as the BH or others. Here, internationally famous DJs (yes, we mentioned David Guetta, but also Calvin Harris or Tiesto) come to get the crowd jumping.

If you want easy access to some of the best parties, it’s best to put your name on the guest list of these hotels. Also, have a look out for the many parties at Nikki beach club. This place still manages to offer some of the most spectacular parties in Mallorca.

Shopping in Magaluf

One of the best places to shop in Magaluf is the Momentum Plaza mall. It is situated right in the centre of town and is part of the Calvia Beach project. This project was started to improve tourism in Magaluf and offer more options for visitors past the summer season.

Momentum Plaza offers clothing stores, entertainment, as well as lots of restaurants. Stores that have recently opened at the Plaza are Mango or Woman’s Secret, but you can also find Mallorcan local brands such as Heymo here.

The Momentum Plaza offers visitors ample parking opportunities (over 200 parking spaces) and a very relaxed shopping experience.

You will also be able to buy plenty of little trinkets to take home with you in the many souvenir shops on the Magaluf strip.

How to get to Magaluf

The easiest way to get to Magaluf is from the capital, Palma airport. If you rent a car, this is about a 25-minute drive. However, there is also plenty of public transport you can take. A bus journey will take you about 50 minutes from Palma. Here’s how:

  • Take the EMT A1 from the airport in Palma to the Plaza España’s Intermodal Station.
  • Switch to the TIB102, TIB104 or TIB106 all the way to Magaluf.

Should you wish to take a taxi, it will cost you between €40-45.

Surrounding areas of Magaluf

If you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of Magaluf for a while, we recommend a visit to the nearby town of Palma Nova. Palma Nova is literally within walking distance, yet offers a way quieter experience that is more suited for families. Nearby you will also find the coastal holiday resorts of Cala Vinyes and Sol de Mallorca.

While Magaluf beach does offer a refreshing dip in the sea, the bay of Portals Vells is way more scenic. It is a little haven for international boat trips. If you are a beach lover, you mustn’t miss a trip to Cala Falco.

Another family-friendly resort nearby is Santa Ponsa. Santa Ponsa is occupied by a lot of British residents as well.

Magaluf Map