Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a stunning bay area resort town that offers visitors the best of what Mallorca offers.

Whether you’re travelling with little ones, meeting up with friends for a party, or want to soak up some sun on one of the most beautiful beaches. Palma Nova has you covered.

Let’s get to know what Palma Nova is about; trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

What is Palma Nova Like?

Palma Nova is situated in the Calvià municipality in Maorcca. It is a seaside resort surrounded by a beautiful blue bay.

It is a popular destination for tourists for its proximity to the central city of Palma, Palma airport, and the party town of Magaluf.

The town is home to three beaches and a marina, but more on this later. You can chill out and enjoy this area; it’s perfect for a relaxing vacation for families.

History & Culture of Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a purpose-built popular resort area that was put together in the 1960s. It has a large ex-pat community that enjoys the calmer winter months and busier summer periods.

It is popular among retirees for its calm and laid-back culture that many seek out. Because of this, Palma Nova Mallorca is also an excellent place for families with young children who want a break from the busier areas.

British tourists are well catered for here, considering they are the largest target market.

Beaches in Palma Nova

Palma Nova Majorca has three beautiful beaches:

  • Playa de Palma Nova: The centre beach offers crystal blue shallow water, white sand, and watersports.
  • Es Carregador: Situated towards the east, it is adjacent to the playground along the promenade. Making it popular among families.
  • Playa de Son Maties: Located towards the east, it is the largest of the three in Palma Nova. Boasting white sand and a prime location close to the hippest bars and restaurants.

The three beaches are all Blue Flag certified, so you can be confident that swimming there is safe and enjoyable.

To help you enjoy your beach vacation. Playa Palma Nova, Son Maties, and Es Carregador have sun lounger rentals, umbrellas, bathrooms, and showers.

All three beaches are incredibly family-friendly, with calm and shallow water that little ones can paddle in.

Things to Do in Palma Nova

While Palma Nova is mainly for those looking for a holiday by the sea, there are some awesome things to do besides relaxing on the beach.

Water Sports: This is the place to be if you’re looking for a sea adventure. A huge selection of watersports is available. These include jet skiing, kayaking, wind boarding, waterskiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing.

Hiking: The south west is home to some fantastic hiking trails that are a must for those wanting to see the area’s natural beauty. A popular route begins at Port d’Andratx (16km from Palma Nova) and ends in Cala Egos. You won’t regret walking an hour for the unspoilt natural wonder along this hiking trail.

Water Parks: A fun day lies ahead for kids and adults that enjoy the adventurous side of things. Twisted Water Park is located only three kilometres from Playa de Palma Nova.

Golfing: The south west of Mallorca has some of the best golf courses. Situated just five kilometres from Palma Nova beach, T Golf Calvia offers an 18-hole course for beginners and pros. Golf Fantasia is fun for the whole family, with three adventurous courses, including waterfalls and caves.

Boat trips: If you enjoy the open ocean, a trip directly from Playa Palma Nova on a glass-bottom boat is a great activity. The area has some fascinating coves and cliffs that surround the island.

Visit a market: Situated in Calle Major (6.9km from Palma Nova), there is a famous market held every Monday. Filled with local and traditional crafts that you won’t find in other stores in the area.

Diving: Big Blue Diving School in Palma Nova offers classes to all ages and skill levels to ensure you can go out and have a good time while remaining safe.

Hotels in Palma Nova

Palma Nova has some fantastic accommodation options to fit any style of vacation. Whether you’re looking for something family-friendly or more upmarket with adult-only sections, this beach haven has it all.

There are also options for self-catering. Which usually works well for young adults partying through Mallorca.

Here are some accommodation options to look into:

  • Elba Sunset Mallorca
  • Hawaii Mallorca & Suites
  • Aparthotel Aquasol
  • Hostal Jakiton
  • Globales Palmanova Palace

Restaurants in Palma Nova

The promenade offers many restaurants and bars with every type of cuisine you can think of.

If you want to try something local or feel like a quick Chinese or fish and chips, there are loads of options to fulfil your cravings.

However, Palma Nova has a small marina, meaning fresh seafood, so we recommend trying the local cuisine.

There is a range of bars on the promenade; some are more relaxed for cocktails and a small bite, while others have pumping music all night.

Here are some popular restaurants in the area:

  • Can Blanc Beach
  • Max Garden
  • Saigon Baguette
  • Sakana Sush.
  • Morocco Lounge & Roofbar

Nightlife in Palma Nova

Thanks to the British influence in Palma Nova, don’t be surprised to find some English and Irish pubs in the area. They offer beer by the gallon and a lot of fun with karaoke.

You’ll also find some discos and an all-night bar to keep young adults entertained well into the wee morning hours.

But if you’re looking for a serious party, Magaluf is just under three kilometres away.

Shopping in Palma Nova

For a smaller town, Palma Nova has some fantastic shopping on offer. You will find the usual nifty souvenir shops to get some items for loved ones back home and beach shops for the good old spade and bucket.

But the perfumeries and boutiques are where you want to be. The shops along the promenade and further into town have some truly unique items you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re in self-catering accommodation, then you’ll be pleased with the supermarkets in the town.

However, if shopping until you drop is your dream vacation activity, heading to Palma City should be on your to-do list.

How to get to Palma Nova

If you plan on staying within Palma Nova for your stay, you will get away with a bus trip from the airport and then rent a bike or peddle car once you arrive.

However, if you’re heading out of town, which we hope you are because there is so much to enjoy in the south west, then car hire will be the most convenient.

There are also bus stops throughout Palma Nova, with a bus to nearby towns and cities.

Surrounding Areas of Palma Nova

There are loads to see in and around the town; here are some popular spots and how far away they are from Palma Nova:

  • Magaluf — 3 km
  • Palma City — 14 km
  • Santa Ponsa — 8 km
  • Calvià — 6.6 km
  • Son Matias beach — 2 km

Palma Nova Beach Map