7 Unmissable Beach Clubs In Mallorca

Mallorca beaches aren’t only good for swimming, sunbathing, and blissful scenery. A big part of Mallorca’s allure is its vibrant nightlife, which can be defined by the exciting beach clubs that line the coast. In these clubs, you’ll find DJ nights, pool parties, and lively bars and restaurants.

However, with so many clubs around Palma de Mallorca and beyond, which ones should you visit? Here are the 7 best beach clubs in Mallorca:

1. Anima Beach Club

1.Anima Beach Club 01

It’s impossible to talk about Mallorca clubs without mentioning Anima. Poised right beside the marina in Palma, Anima gets a generous flow of tourists. This ensures a lively and party-centred atmosphere, no matter the time of year you visit. It’s open all day long, with Balinese loungers available to rent for the entire day.

Anima is also highlighted for its diverse restaurant offerings, which serve both Spanish and international dishes.

1.Anima Beach Club 02


2. Nikki Beach Mallorca

2.Nikki Beach Mallorca 01

Nikki Beach Club has been a party hotspot for years. It’s a big hit with those on a Magaluf holiday, being positioned at the end of Magaluf Beach. Nikki’s delivers a particularly wide range of experiences from laid-back sessions to champagne spray parties. You could class it as a place to relax, as well as a place to party like you never have before.

The only drawback to Nikki’s is that it’s quite pricey relative to the other great beach club options in Magaluf. Still, it’s worth it for the atmosphere and spectacular sea views.

2.Nikki Beach Mallorca 02


3. Mhares Sea Club

3.Mhares Sea Club 01

Mhares Club offers the best in terms of scenery. Out front, you’ve got the azure coastline, which clashes with the rugged mountain backdrop. This spectacular scenery can be admired from the comfort of a sun lounger, or while splashing in the Mhares seaside pool.

Other features of Mhares include Bauxa, a laid-back club on the cliffside. Here, you can rest in a hammock and watch the sunset.

3.Mhares Sea Club 02


4. Zhero Beach Club

4.Zhero Beach Club 01

The Zhero Club is amongst the most affordable options in Palma Bay. Whether you’re going for daytime lounging or nighttime partying, you won’t break the bank at Zhero. A sunlounger costs just €25 for an entire day, which is great value when compared to other beach clubs.

Not only is there a beach-facing pool, but there’s also a ladder that gives you direct access to the Mediterranean sea! There’s also the attached Zhero Boathouse Magaluf. Here, you’ll find an extra pool and more sun loungers.

4.Zhero Beach Club 02


5. Purobeach Palma

5.Purobeach Palma 01

If you’re not into the party focus of the other options on this list, check out Purobeach Palma. Since the mid-2000s, Purobeach has been welcoming laid-back guests to enjoy its heavenly white furnishings. The centrepiece of the club is its central pool, which has loungers and canopies positioned around it. It’s built for quiet afternoons spent cocktail sipping.

To make your afternoon extra relaxing, Purobeach provides its guests with massage options. You can enjoy a massage while looking out at the lapping waves on the rooftop terrace.

5.Purobeach Palma 02


6. Gran Folies Beach Club

6.Gran Folies Beach Club 01

To the west of the island, you’ll find Beach Club Gran Folies. This is definitely one of the best beach clubs in the Andratx area. Gran Folies is welcoming to all – it doesn’t have a dress code per se, so you can arrive as under or overdressed as you like. Gran Folies wants its guests to focus entirely on having fun!

The biggest plus point of this club is the unparalleled views of Cala Llamp bay. You can sit on a shaded lounger right on the edge and view this vista while taking occasional dips in the pool.

6.Gran Folies Beach Club 02


7. UM Beach House

7.UM Beach House 01

UM Beach House is more akin to venues you’ll find on party islands such as Ibiza. Located in Portals Nous it’s close to Palma Nova too. There’s a minimum spend policy, but this pays you into one of the best parties in Mallorca! Evening parties kick off in the late afternoon, but you’ll likely hear DJs playing throughout the day.

Asides from partying, UM Beach Club also offers plenty of comfortable seating areas and an inviting swimming pool area.

7.UM Beach House 02


Final Thoughts

Mallorca is home to some of the best beach club venues in the world. While all have their plus points, you definitely can’t miss Mhares, Nikki, and Anima. Honorary mentions that didn’t make this list include Oceans Beach Club, Pabisa Beach Club, and Nassau Beach Club.