Calo des Pou

Calo des Pou can be found in the southwestern part of the Balearic islands. This tropical hideaway is quiet, peaceful, and a piece of paradise. Lounge under palm trees, drink cocktails and catch some sun. What could be better? This beach is a must-see when visiting Cala d’Or. The sea is warm and beautiful, the … Read more

Calo Des Moro

Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro beach is one of the most famous beaches in Santanyí. Although small, this stunning beach, complete with crystal clear waters and jaw-dropping scenery, is a big hit with tourists and locals alike. Open all year round, Calo des Moro beach is definitely one place you’ll want to stop off when on holiday … Read more

Cala Varques Beach

Cala Varques Beach

Planning a trip to the island of Mallorca? Looking for a tranquil, dreamy, and drool-worthy beach experience on an unspoilt natural cove surrounded by large pine forests? Then the beautiful cove of Cala Varques (also known as Cala Barques) is just the tonic. One of the most beautiful and quietest beaches on the East Coast … Read more

Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent

The northwest of Mallorca doesn’t have as many beaches as other areas, but the ones it does have are great. Cala Tuent is an excellent remote beach that offers tranquillity and relaxation. The stunning views and surroundings of Cala Tuent make it a must for those that want to experience the real Mallorca. If you … Read more

Cala Torta Beach

Cala Torta

Cala Torta is a remote, beautiful sandy beach that also hosts nudists from time to time. Located in the Llevant Peninsula National Park, the area is highly protected for ecological reasons. Cala Torta is 10km from the closest town and has no facilities. Bringing your own snacks, umbrella, water, and anything else is essential. However, … Read more

Cala Serena

Rated in the top third of beaches in the Balearic Islands, Playa de Cala Serena is an excellent option that holidaymakers will love. The tiny beach is a hidden gem located in a tree-lined cove, making it a picturesque paradise. Keep reading to find out more about the facilities and surrounding area of Playa de … Read more

Cala Santanyi

Cala Santanyi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, with fine sand, clear waters, and a stunning backdrop of pine forests. It is well situated in the south east and has all the facilities you need for a gorgeous beach day, including beach bars, water activities, and beautiful views from the rocky cliffs. … Read more

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau is a small white sand beach situated in Felanitx, Balearic Islands. It is a secluded bay with calm waters and a beach bar to keep you relaxed and cool throughout the day. Mallorca’s other beaches can get very busy in the popular towns and cities, which isn’t for everyone. So, if you … Read more

Cala Pi Beach

Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a quiet, relaxing beach in high season or low. It is great for a day trip when visiting rural Mallorca. It will help you to refill your coastal batteries, especially if you’re heading back to winter. You want to take advantage of this one with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and a … Read more

Cala Petita

This stunning beach can be found near Porto Cristo and offers a surreal experience with its crystal clear waters, rock jumping opportunities, and secludedness as you take a break from the busy town and take it easy in nature. It is one of the top beaches in Spain, and it’s no wonder why. It is … Read more