Can Picafort

Can Picafort is the perfect destination in northern Mallorca for beach and sun lovers. The small fishing village is located on the north east coast of Mallorca, close to Alcudia Bay.

Read on to discover what makes Can Picafort the ideal choice for families when it comes to a tranquil yet activity-filled holiday!

What is Can Picafort Like?

Picafort has a long, sandy beach with beautiful blue and crystal clear water safe for swimming and snorkelling.

The resort has a very relaxing and chilled atmosphere but also has some nice cocktail bars and many restaurants nestled along the beachfront (all with a sea view).

Can Picafort has turned into quite a well-established holiday resort. There are many beach clubs, a weekly market and other experiences to enjoy.

If you are looking for tranquil hours in the sun, or romantic horse riding sessions on the great beach, look no further! Can Picafort is the ideal choice for families and a trendy holiday destination for German and British tourists.

History & Culture of Can Picafort

Can Picafort used to be a small fishing village with a tiny marina before jet-setters discovered the beauty of this holiday destination. After that, it quickly became a coastal resort that offers lots of beach clubs, restaurants and shops for its visitors.

Beaches in Can Picafort

Can Picafort offers its very own stretch of sandy beach – Picafort beach. It is especially popular with sun-seekers and divers trying to spot some colourful fish in the calm waters in front of Picafort beach.

The beautiful sand dunes have also become a popular spot for horse riding.

Picafort beach is part of the main beach along the north east coast of Mallorca. It stretches along the coast to Alcudia Bay and is, therefore, the longest beach on the island.

Things to Do in Can Picafort

Can Picafort puts its focus on beach life. You can enjoy, lay back and relax in one of the many beach clubs or rent a sun bed, bring a book and put your feet up.

If you want to be more active, you can go and book jet skis, boat hire or even try your luck going out with the local fishermen! Should you hire a boat, you might be able to see dolphins or other wildlife. This is also why many people decide to go scuba diving here. The ocean is calm and has excellent visibility.

Another popular activity is to rent a bike and cycle to S’Albufera Nature Reserve. We recommend doing so in the cooler months, as it can be exhausting to cycle this far in the summer heat.

If you are into golfing, then Can Picafort also has something on offer for you! The golf course of Alcanada is right around the corner, near Alcúdia. Here you can work on your handicap while enjoying beautiful views of the coast.

Can Picafort also has a relatively large art scene. Just take a stroll, and you will find many beautiful murals that turn the town into a living gallery.

There are also many sculptures to admire—for instance, the infamous mermaids by Joan Bennessar on the seafront.

Hotels in Can Picafort

Can Picafort has a range of hotels, but be wary: these get booked out quickly during high season – despite their high prices. If you wish to book a holiday in Can Picafort, we recommend the following hotels near the beach:

  • BQ Can Picafort Hotel
  • Grupotel Farroutx
  • Hostal Blanca
  • THB Gran Playa
  • Hotel & Spa Ferrer Janeiro

Restaurants in Can Picafort

Holiday makers love Can Picafort for its friendly atmosphere – and its excellent restaurants don’t hurt. You will find many Spanish, Dutch, as well as British and German visitors in the summer months. Most restaurants even have menus in different languages!

Bars and restaurants have multi-lingual menus and dozens of choices when it comes to food here. Whether you desire seafood dishes, pizza or pasta, or the traditional paella and tapas vibes – Can Picafort has it all.

Ice cream is an extremely popular sweet to have along the beach strip. It is the perfect little pick-me-up after a few hours on the beach. You shouldn’t miss ordering one or two of the most popular flavours in one of the many beachfront cafés.

A little further down, you will find Playa de Muro – a great beach to visit with many lovely beach restaurants.

Nightlife in Can Picafort

The nightlife in Can Picafort is relatively low-key and not as lavish as in Cala Ratjada or Magaluf. The bars and restaurants still have live music but are more laid back and relaxed.

Most of the bigger entertainment and parties do happen in hotels these days. Although, British holiday makers will likely enjoy visiting the Trotter’s Bar.

Events in Can Picafort

Can Picafort’s annual Saladina Art Festival is not to be missed! Witness dramatic murals from international artists during early October. On top of that, there are exhibitions, workshops and lots of live music.

If you feel sporty, join the annual cycling race at Playa de Muro in April. You can cycle 312, 227, or 167 km – or watch the race from the side of the road and cheer the athletes on!

Shopping at Can Picafort

The beachfront has shining white sand and several beach shops to buy clothing or souvenirs to take home.

However, the weekly market is the best shopping experience in Can Picafort. On a Friday morning, you can visit this market by the seafront and buy local produce, hand-crafted souvenirs and lots of little nibbles.

How to get to Can Picafort

The easiest to get to Can Picafort is via Palma airport. There are several buses leaving Palma airport to Can Picafort in the summer months.

Some visitors might arrive at Puerto Alcúdia via boat or ferry instead. There are also plenty of buses leaving this port different destinations on the island.

Another option is renting a car at the airport. This will let you explore the island independently and probably a bit faster than by bus. However, the bus network is pretty decent in Mallorca and will let you get around Can Picafort easily. Plus, it is cheaper!

Surrounding areas of Can Picafort

The best place to visit outside of Can Picafort is definitely Alcúdia Bay. There is a stunning beach resort and Alcúdia Old Town is also worth a visit.

Santa Margalida is another town that is worth a visit. It lies more inland, but has a stunning history and architecture. Santa Margalida is also the name of the municipality that Can Picafort belongs to.

Can Picafort Beach Map